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Recover your computer after virus attack

               When Virus Attack our disable windows programme rapidly like Task Manager,explorer,regedit and many other things so that the we can not remove the virus from the system.
              Even after the virus is totally removed from the system, some users find it difficult to restore all those things back which were affected by the virus.  

Here is a free tool Named 

The program has the ability to restore functionality to these Windows features:
  • Windows Registry
  • Command Line Tool
  • Windows Task Manager
  • System Restore Config
  • Folder Options
  • Run command
  • My Computer
  • Task Scheduler
  • Right Click Context menu
  • Ms-Config (Xp only)
  • Control Panel
  • Search
You will  also require Dotnet framework 3.5 or higher version to run this software. Or if you don’t want to download .Net framework then you can try the portable version of this software.which is also available on this link.
                                                       Download Here
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