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Difference between BSCS and BSSE software engineering in pakistan


In pakistan, there are 2 course BSCS & BSSE are seems same and create confusion, Here is difference between them:
These course are nearly same but there is some difference also,
1. In BSCS students study  more about hardware related subjects like complex electronics, while BSSE students Study more about Software portion of computer science.
2. BSSE is more related to software than BSCS, students studies Software devolpment & Software architecht in team work.
3. In BSCS students Study hardware devolpment & devolpment of System drivers and basic software devolpment.
4. Study computer system, programming, basic software devolpment etc are common subject of study in both.
5. Scope: Both BSCS and BSSE are wide scope fields if students have skill abillities & skills.
6. Jobs of BSCS and software engineers: Both Students work mostly in Software houses to devolpment of softwares, some goto army jobs and some make their software privately.
                  I described many difference between them, so anyone have confusion or want to know more about it, can ask in comments you will warmly welcome... :)

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