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Facebook hacking software

Hello to dear readers first of all I am introducing myself, I am a security researcher and a white hat hacker today I will give you info about facebook hacking software, what are facebook hacking softwares? No doubt all are scams and fake, no real facebook hacking software is made up till now, that is unbelievable because you see everyone is talking about facebook hacking software and almost every facebook user is demanding it. Probably you also, but there is no hacking softwareis The reason of this is due to facebook bug bounty program, Bug Bounty program allow hackers to report any fault in facebook server or any real hacking software, as a reward, facebook give Reward to hackers,
as white hat hackers I say there is no hacking software but other methouds are present which use to hack facebook account but I will not tell you because it is illegal. In my next post, I will tell you how to prevent your facebook Profile from Hackers... good night
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