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How hackers Hack your website and how to Prevent


Hello to dear readers, Today I will teach you how to hackers hack your website and how to prevent from it and secure our site,
First of all learn how hackers hack your website and and get access.
All protection methods are my own so you can ask about it from me in comments.
1.There are lots of methods that hackers used to exploit and hack your website, First and very well known attack is SQL Injection. This is caused by display of
Queries which are injected through web URL and result displayed will show Site database informations like admin user-name and passwords, many big sites are
vulnerable to this attack it is very common method of getting site password and database, sometime mod_security also unable to prevent this attack.
2. Second method is remote file inclusion RFI and LFI Local file inclusion,in these both methods, hackers executes their millicus shell code remotely after executing
   code hacker get full access to your web server, can delete your files and folders or modified, hackers after hacking your site can install back doors,
   back-doors are piece of codes by which hackers can access again your website after the web is recovered from hackers, this back-doors are also invisible
   and not easily detectable and deletable
3. Third method is symmilink bypass, it is method in which hackers hack website running on same server. for example: site a b c d are running on same shared
   server and site b is attacked by hacker and hacker get accessed, now by using special design exploit, hacker pass through separation layer and get accessed
   to all other a c d sites. this phenomenon is explained by picture in below figure:
4. Except above mentioned methods, there are also many other methods, exploits, which hackers used to hack websites, but do not worry every disease has a
   cure so do not worry if you are web master and want to protect yourself from attack you should follow protection methods given by me or you should also
   use your common sense to make your own methods.

            Now I tell you how to protect, Protection from SQL Injection hack is very easy just set JavaScript admin directory password by following these
            methods: 1st login to your site admin login panel and in tools se below mentioned tool:


  then next see in screen shot and write your admin directory, and chose unique password which like your phone number


           now press enter now you are done, if hacker successful to get your admin login password then he/She can not open your admin directory to login
           directory password is stored in your hosting so hacker cannot access it.  now you are protected from SQL Injection hack...
Protection from LFI/RFI Attack is prevented by installing auto shell remover web softwares which are open source and available on INTERNET just install
           them in your hosting and get protected.
Symmilink bypass can be avoided by devolving your site on private server hosting like VPS.
This was my tutorial if anyone has confusion can freely ask in comments or contact me on skype, my ID is given above in contact tab.
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