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How to earn money on internet


Hello Guys Silent mint is back to write tutorial about how to make extra money on Internet.
You hear that many peoples are earning money on internet by various method, that is true reason is that Internet is global village and everyone on different country is bind together to make a worldwide relationships. This enable people to work anywhere in the world whether they are in office or not. Internet is place where Information technology take placed and people earn through information technology. People work on internet in groups or individual. many people search on google every day how to make money using internet and some get right path and some get scammed by other people or website that is not good.

So, I chose to tell people about right and real path how to earn money on internet so I only mention methods only that are real and not scam and also tested by me.

  • First and real method that really work is Blogging and website making, For starting You should Purchase good hosting for your website. There are many good hosting providers that gives hosting at good price example unlimited hosting at only 2$/per month examples of good hosting providers is: "bluehost" "godaddy", "hostbudget", "AIT", etc there are various more website web hosting just google it you will find it. After getting web hosting you need good domain for your website, a domain is website address for example for google, is domain of google. After getting Domains and hosting for your website next step is to install good software platform for your website for blogging, I recommend you "wordpress" that is easy to handle for newbies. after Installing wordpress on your webhosting, you need to ake posts on your website after that you need to signup good publisher compies like "Google Addsensee" "Bidvertiser" "Infolinks" etc and place their adds on your website and earn money when people visite to your website and click on your adds.
  • Next method is earn money by URL shortning, the procedure is that you need to signup on paid URL shortening services like adfly, adfocus and many more, after signup, you need to enter link of your contents like web page and short them and distribute them on internet or social networking websites. When anyone click on shorted link, you will get paid.
  • Next real and working method of earning is doing micro tasks on internet like content writing for others, commenting on other's website on demand or writing review, the tested and working website is  microworkers   This website is working and test by me.
  • Next working method is selling your services on internet for example if you are good in graphic designing or web devolving or article writing, then you can earn money an working and trusted website for this purpose is Fiver, you need to make account on fiver so that next you need to make gigs of your service and you should start selling your services and get earned. 
  • Next working method is "earn money using facebook", or "earn money by sharing link on social websites" the method is that you need to signup on social networking advertising website like Mylikes   Mylikes is also trusted website to earn money by sharing links on facebook and get paid for this purpose.
  • Next method is "get paid by typing", some people refer it captcha writing, it seems trusted but I have not checked this method of earning. so this method of earning is not recommended by me use it on your own responsibility.
  • Next method is "Forex trading" you can earn money by forex tfrading on internet
  • Next method of earning is advertising  product of publishers like amazone, and ebuy advertiser.
There are many other various methods are on internet that are seems like real but they are not real method of earning For example some Fake method of earning is given below that people seems that are real but they are not real and people get loss from it.

Fake methods of earning:
      There are also various fake methods of earning to fooling people on internet there are some review of it:
  • Websites that are claim to signup and get earn are totally fake and they are fraud , the purpose of these websites is to maximum people signup into their website and after that they ask to do survey for payout, actually website owner get paid by our surveys and we do not get nothing except time waste.
  • Next fake method is PTC Site or paid to click sites which are also totally fake sometime PTC websites ask for investment and do fraud so never work any PTC site If you work, that is your own responsibility.

It is my review of Earning on internet for my sweet blog reader so anyone have any Question about anything you can freely ask in comments.
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