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Remove Startup programs and boost computer speed

                                          Remove startup programs and boost windows speed
This tutorial is about how to remove windows startup programs.
First of all what is windows startup?
answer is simple that windows operating system contains startup hidden folder in windows system folders any software in it will run automatically after the windows is start.
This utility is for running programs like Lightshot, Wireless network wizard, and anti viruses  automatically upon startup. But some programs become self startup and creates issues like consuming RAM Memory and cause PC to slow.
when you restart your PC, program run automatically and create problems.
So here is software name "Revo Uninstaller" which is free-ware program specially develop for this purpose
You can download and install revo uninstaller from their official website here: 
After the installation, see in screen shot:

Now go to autorun manager and see what programs are autorun and remove any undesired autorun program and boostup your computer speed. If you have question regarding this software you can freely ask in comments.

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