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Review of Engineering Universities of Pakistan

Here is review of engineering universities of Pakistan:
Everyone after doing FSc Pre engineering want to get admission in good university for better future, today I review few of them, my review is according to latest PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council) Engineering Universities Ranking.
First of all Ranked 1 University of Pakistan is PIEAS (Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Applied Science) Islamabad, this university is project of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission PAEC this university offering BSc Electrical engineering, also this university is specialist of  nuclear studies, its research is famous worldwide, It has highest scope. Its admissions of entry test starts just after the exams of FSc 2nd year.

Next University is NUST (National University of Science & Technology) it is ranked 2 in Pakistan engineering council PEC, This university is project of Pakistan Army. It is very well known university of Pakistan, it offers many field of engineering to study.
It offers BS Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, BS Electrical Engineering, BS Civil Engineering, BS Chemical Engineering, BS Software engineering and many others, it is located in Islamabad and Its teaching staff is well & Highly educated. Its admission starts two times in a year this University give admission on the basis of Its Entry Test and FSc 1st year Result. It has two campuses, 1 is NUST Islamabad, second is NUST Karachi. NUST Islamabad takes its entry test on Computer while NUST Karachi takes its Entry test on written Paper.

Next University which has ranked 3 is University of Engineering & Technology Lahore shortly known as UET Lahore. UET Lahore is one of oldest Engineering University of Pakistan it also well known Government University of Pakistan. It Produces Many Engineers for market every year, It offers many field of engineering some are mention below:
Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Mining Engineering Geological Engineering, Polymer Engineering, and many other. It also offer non engineering programs like BSCS, BBA etc it held its entry test known as ECAT (Engineering College Aptitude Test) is require for admission in many other govt & semi govt universities like BZU Multan, UOG, UOS, NFC etc. this university take its entry test in the month of August.You can getpast papers of UET Lahore and ECAT Here are past papers of ECAT Its admissions starts just after the result of FSc 2nd year.its merit lists display on UET Lahore admission portal here: UET Lahore Admission Portal. This university has many sub-campuses like UET KSK Campus, UET RCT Campus, UET FSD Campus,UET Narowal Campus. Some Universities is also running under UET Lahore some are: UET Rasul, MNS UET Multan, KF UEIT Ryk. UET Lahore does not offer software engineering

Next University is GIKI Ghulam Ishaq Institute of engineering, it is also famous engineering institute it also requires its entry test for admission.
Next is UET Texila formerly it was initiated with the help of UET Lahore & now it is an independent university. It is semi govt university it also offer Software engineering, it has also its sub campuses.
This university Require ECAT Entry Test Conducted by UET Lahore for admission.
its admission also start just after the result of FSc 2nd year.

Some other universities which are famous and offer engineering are:
NFC IET Multan, NFC IEFR Faislabad, DUET Jamshoro Sindh, NED Karachi Sindh, BZU Multan, IUB Bahawalpur, IIUI Islamabad, Quaid e Azam University Islamabad, Institute of Space technology IST, Air University, UOG Gujjrat, FAST Lahore,Islamabad, Karachi, COMSAT Lahore, Islamabad, Sahiwal, wah, ITU, NTU.
This is my short review of Universities of Pakistan which offers Engineering, If You have any Question then you can ask in comments.
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