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Save Facebook ID or Account from hackers or hacking with screenshout


Today I will told you how to protect your facebook ID from hackers or from hacking.. 
Before I told you I m a hacker and website security researcher so I will tell you how to secure your facebook ID so as if Hackers find your password, they can not login to your Facebook account here are methods for both computer user and mobile user... 
For Desktop user:  First of all login to Your facebook account.
Then clink on top right corner where you logout your facebook ID then here you will see many options, click on settings the following page will appear: 
Click on given place indicated by arrow.
Then this window will appear: 

Now click on indicated point in given in screenshot.
Next this page will appear:  

Click on get started.
after that, facebook ask your mobile number, give your mobile number your keep with you always.
then facebook will send security code by sms, write this code on next page appear and continue.
Now you are done your facebook ID is secured from hackers. 
When someone other than you login to your facebook account you will get security code by sms and hackers do not get this code. If You have any trouble, ask in comments.

 Method for mobile users: 
                     Go to facebook website from your mobile browser then at bottom click on settings, then click on Security settings and then click on Login approval like picture below:
and click on enable and do steps which I mention above. 

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