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This Post is informative post about "facebook id" and "facebook id card" 
First of all what is Facebook? Facebook is Social networking website which permit people to make their ID on facebook website Facebook 
Facebook release its new domain by typing it on your browser, you reach to First of all I tell You that what is "Facebook id" ?
ID is short form of identity and in facebook website we also make ID it mean we get Identity on facebook website. For making id on facebook we need to signup on facebook.
After making ID on facebook, people can chat with friends, can make calls with friends, can post status on facebook, also can make pages on facebook.
Now a days hacking facebook id is very common you can read my previous articles what are facebook hacking softwares and online hacking
also you can learn How to protect Your facebook ID from hackers
If you have facebook id on facebook, then you want it delete temporary or permanently, you can see it
how to delete facebook profile or id 
You can use "facebook search" to find your friends on facebook this is also called "facebook people search"
You can also use "facebook emoticons" on facebook while chatting on facebook or commenting.
You can also download "Facebook app" for your mobile.
you can download  facebook here facebook download
There is "facebook api" where facebook app developer can develop facebook apps. You can search "facebook apps" Here  
when hackers attempt to hack your facebook id, then facebook locks your facebook account and you can recover you account by "facebook photo verification" or submitting "facebook id card" or any Identity card. 
This step is very annoying to people and cause trouble. If you have national identity card, or any Photo ID of your identity, you can verify your facebook account and get your facebook id back.  
facebook id card or any identity card can be your college or university card, your CNIC, etc.  
 next topic is how facebook Identify You after you close your web browse or facebook application? 
 Facebook has high security plain to manage user accounts and facebook id. When you enter you login information's like enter you facebook email and password, then facebook after verification will save small piece of information which are called "cookies" and cookies are small text files and remain save into your browser. When you close your browser or applications and then again open your browser or application and connect to facebook server, facebook server look into your browser or application for saved cookies and after verifying saved cookies, it will authenticate you and open up your facebook id.
Facebook allows "facebook business page" to people to increase their business.
Facebook has a reminder on friends birthday, you can see notification about your facebook friends birthday also you can find "facebook birthday cards" for wishing your friends Here
Facebook have many more function and mechanism of work. Facebook server is running on multiple platform. Main server plateform of facebook is php however other plate forms are also present like java, asp, json, python etc next it discuss in next posts.
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