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How to calculate GPA


Hello visitors, many students of higher education do not know how to calculate their GPA or CGPA, 
First of all, we see that what is GPA or CGPA? GPA refer to Grade Point Average and CGPA refer to Cumulative Grade Point average.
GPA can be calculated by using individual grade point in every subject that obtained from total grade point average.
maximum grade point average GPA and Subject Grade Point average are 4 and minimum is zero.
GPA System used in many Universities of world, 
Including Pakistani Universities like UET Lahore, NUST Islamabad, PIEAS Islamabad, You can see also review of engineering universities of Pakistan here 
GPA is calculated by multiplying Creadet Hours with obtained grade point in every Subject then Total sum up them after that divide them with total creadet hour of semester.
If you have problem in calculating GPA, you can use following GPA Calculator.

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