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how to hack wifi password

 Hello readers Silent Mind is back with awesome tutorial "how to hack wifi Password" as you know this blog is general information blog and it is education purpose only, hacking into others private wireless network is illegal I am not responsible to any damage my aim is to provide knowledge to other peoples.
First I explain what is wifi then I tell you how to hack wifi password. 
What is wifi? wifi is a network that provide Internet access to those devices which are not connected to ISP directly through wire connection, instead of through wireless adopter. Some wifi are are public which are not requite password or key but they are less secure. Some wifi network are private and require password for authentication . Our goal is to hack these wifi network and get free internet access. 
There are to types of wireless authentication; one is WEP and other is WPA or WPA-2.
WEP password hacking is very easy so that now a days only 2% wireless networks are using them remaining are using WPA-2 authentication for wifi. 
Now I tell you how to hack wifi password so lets begin. 
Mechanism of our wifi hacking method is attempting possible password outcomes to hack the password. You should Linux Installed in your system If you are on windows then do not worry there are many programs on internet that are capable to open .sh files because our setup file is in .sh format. 
You need to first download these two files, one is Dictionary file other is Automated Wifi hacking Script for linux

 One file is compressed RAR file Click here to know how to open rar file  
These are hosted on datafilehost Click here to know how to download from Datafilehost
after downloading these two files, Open Wifi automated Hacking Script, This type of hacking also called cracking. This script will run automatically and ask to Import Dictionary file, then Import Dictionary file, lets do script to work and for some time, after this, this will hack wifi password of given wifi and will show you password and Now our work has done, If you have any Question about this tutorial then you can freely ask in comments.
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