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Change Your IP without VPN or Proxy

Change Your Real Static IP without VPN or Proxy


Assalam o Alikum. Today I will explain how to change Your real IP without VPN or Proxy.
IP address is internet protocol address which used to identified user on network. This network can be LAN Local Area Network, WLAN network or WAN network.
Our Goal is to change WAN network IP which also known as IPv6. While LAN network IP is called IPv4.
WAN network IP or IPv6 mostly is static IP and can not change but there is little trick by which you can change it into new value and connect to internet with new IP.
Lets Start with Screenshouts.

  • First of all Open this URL in your browser
  • Now you will see Login screen appear.
  • Enter username or password, It is your router login screen.
  • Deafult username and password for most routers is admin

  • See screen shout above. If you do not know your Router default Username or password then   google your Router default username and password, I am using PTCL modem. 
  • After successful login screen, You will see your PPOE user credential screen like below, which is assigned by your ISP.
  • Click on Given save button and see your IP is changed.

    My IP Before: 
    My IP After Save button click:

    Now I again Changed my IP so do not try to Connect me ;) 

    Bye Bye.
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