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How To Fix XAMPP – Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly

Changing XAMPP Default Port
If you are desperate to get XAMPP up and running, you should consider changing the port from the default 80 to say 7777.
✔ In the XAMPP Control Panel, click on the Apache – Config button which is located next to the ‘Logs’ button.
✔ Select ‘Apache (httpd.conf)’ from the drop down. (Notepad should open)
✔ Do Ctrl+F to find ’80’ and change line Listen 80 to Listen 7777
✔ Find again and change line ServerName localhost:80 to
ServerName localhost:7777
✔ Save and re-start Apache. It should be running by now.
The only demerit to this technique is, you have to explicitly include the port number in the localhost url. Rather than http://localhost it becomes http://localhost:7777.
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