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Saturday, 12 September 2015

WordPress Video Tutorials In Urdu

Salam . Wondering what will be today’s post  ? . Well  WordPress Video tutorials in urdu is gonna be your post today. And that’s because I have seen and research according to this and the search result is too much needy . So I searched for best source to get the easy and free wordpress video tutorials in urdu & found a positive source so far . I am happy to share it with you guys , I my self not interested in these tutorials so never thought to make . If I would then I will be the one making tutorials for you guys :p anyway you will get absolutely pure and free collection of wordpress video tutorials in urdu.

WordPress Video Tutorials In Urdu

Learn WordPress Theme Development & Management in Urdu Language with HD Quality Video Tutorials.
In this post I am not gonna pass through all the info and stuff that what is wordpress and what you can do , blah blah blah. The point here is simple I wanna share tutorials for wordress press which is in URDU and second thing its tutorials so its clear that it may contain all basic and necessary video guiding methods which you may need in start.
And yes of course the contents of video is from basic to almost the end method which is indeed needed for the users working in wordpress for long time. I am a lazy guy can’t list all the video contents :p However will pin a shot below to have a look of the videos . Don’t worry I a-sure you it is quite pretty collection for learners.

Seems pretty good collection to me. Sure thing you will also need it . Click on the  link below to get it 😀

WordPress Video Tutorials In Urdu


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